Providing Superb Sound and Lighting Production For Live Events

Mr. Soundman offers professional-grade live sound production for events of any scale, from concerts to corporate gatherings. Our team of audio engineers and live event industry professionals will work closely with you to find and implement the ideal sound and lighting setup for your event. Additionally, we utilize Yamaha, JBL, RCF, Soundcraft, and Midas sound equipment to ensure optimum sound quality.

Concert Sound

Producing a concert is a complex and communication-heavy task. That’s why we work and communicate closely with everyone involved in the production, from the show promoter to the location staff. We’ll review, negotiate, and fulfill rider requirements to ensure that the right equipment is at the concert.

Our team will arrive at the venue at the designated time of the concert to set up the sound equipment and do the sound checks. During the concert, our staff will monitor and manage the production and address any questions or issues that may come up.

Mr. Soundman aims to make the entire event process as stress-free as possible for not only the performers but for the venue team as well. We’ll remove our equipment at the preplanned time so that location staff can do their inspection of the facility.

Corporate Event Sound

Our company recognizes that not all of our clients are professional promoters, corporate event planners, or musicians. Let our team handle all the sound production for your business’s gatherings. We employ the same procedures, equipment, and level of service to corporate events as we do large-scale concerts. This will ensure that your corporate event will be memorable long after the night is done.

Smaller Event Sound

We tailor our services to fit whatever event you choose to hold. Our team of audio and live event professionals will work closely with you to make sure your event’s sound production needs are sufficiently met. Whether the sound system is for an intimate gathering, an event, or for a concert in the park, we've got you covered.

Stage & Event Lighting

Mr. Soundman designs, constructs, and operates mesmerizing lighting systems for various types of live events, from small gatherings to large festivals. We’ve worked with some of the top acts in Northern California as well as nationally recognized artists, gaining the expertise to make any event feel bigger, brighter, and better.

Contact Our Live Audio Experts

If you’re interested in enhancing the sound and lighting of your live event, feel free to reach out to our team today. We look forward to working with you in making an incredible experience for you and your guests.